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Willow Terrace Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is a first-class sub-acute rehabilitation facility that provides both long term and short term care services for adults who are either recovering from serious injuries or struggling with a chronic illness. Located on the campus of Germantown Community Health Services in Philadelphia, we are the facility of choice for everyone who lives in the greater region – as well as for adults who are fond of the Germantown Community Center but do not reside in its immediate vicinity. 

These individuals know that we can offer them the same services as the Community Center – and so much more, to ensure their optimum well-being in an atmosphere that emulates the lifestyle they had at home. 

Blending cutting-edge technology with a premium level of professionalism and a commitment to the fullest possible recovery, we offer our residents a comprehensive array of health care services to address their every need.
Long-Term Care
When an individual’s condition is serious enough to warrant Long-Term Care, our top-flight medical team does their utmost to ensure continued stability and comfort. 

Willow Terrace’s skilled medical experts provide residents in need of long-term care with 24-Hour Nursing Care; Complex Medical Care; Tracheostomy Care; Intravenous Therapy; Enteral & Parental Feedings; Wound Care Management; and Pain Management. 

Our team of dedicated registered nurses pays constant attention to the basic health care needs of each resident. They regularly perform assessments and observation, check vital signs, administer medication, monitor blood glucose levels, and provide a variety of medical treatments. Moreover, our nurses offer health education to residents and family members, and they liaison with Willow Terrace’s health care teams. Focusing on a wide range of potential health concerns that can affect a person receiving long-term care, we offer our residents Hospice / Palliative Care; Physician, Cardiac & Podiatry Services; Physiatry Services; and Psychiatry & Psychology Services. Each of these services is delivered in a manner that takes into account the entire well-being of the individual resident.
Short-Term Care
When we have assessed a new resident as requiring care only for the short term, our highly skilled health care professionals initiate a plan of treatment that will enable the individual to regain strength and mobility as quickly as possible. Accordingly, our Dedicated Subacute Unit offers the finest in Respiratory and Stroke Therapy; Daily Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy; and Short-Term Rehabilitation. Moreover, we provide short-term care residents with Restorative Nursing Care; Palliative Care; and the full range of physician services available to long-term care residents. 

Willow Terrace thoroughly understands the importance of bringing out the best in each resident, both physically and emotionally, as well as enhancing the well-being of their immediate relatives. Accordingly, we provide Social Services & Family Counseling; Therapeutic Recreation; Respite Care; and Personalized Nutritional Services. Recognizing that the need for medical attention can arise at any time, we also offer 24/7 Admissions and Post-Discharge Follow-up. 

Willow Terrace’s dedicated health care team works closely with each resident and their family members to heighten individual strengths and thereby produce the greatest possible quality of life.
In-Patient Subacute Rehab

High-Tech Rehabilitation that enables residents to resume their independent lifestyle.

Each resident of Willow Terrace gets the highest level of appropriate rehabilitative treatment from supremely skilled therapists, who utilize state-of-the-art technology to restore the individual’s strength and mobility. Our team provides all of the specialized therapy services in our spacious rehabilitation gym, which is conveniently located on our building’s main floor and includes a mini-kitchenette. Using such modernized equipment as a hydroculator, E-stim, paraffin, and Weight & Stair Training, they help residents recover from Bone Fractures, Hip and Knee Replacements, Knee Injuries, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Heart Disease, Respiratory Conditions, and Neurological Disorders.

Each resident benefits from these services, compassionately delivered in our dedicated subacute unit.

Willow Terrace’s expert and goal-oriented rehab team provides residents with Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy; Stroke Therapy; Respiratory Therapy; and Physiatry Services. Firmly but gently, we train and guide each resident to regain such basic abilities as walking; climbing stairs on their own; implementing such daily activities as dressing and bathing; mastering transfer techniques, such as entering and exiting a car; and – in general – getting back the strength and endurance they previously took for granted. We will do whatever it takes to bring each resident back to their original capacity, so they can enjoy daily life again.
Stroke Therapy
At Willow Terrace, we thoroughly understand the daunting challenges that await someone who has survived a stroke. Simply stated, the individual needs to become re-educated about how to master the numerous basic skills they once had. Our rehabilitative stroke therapy program has one overriding goal – improve function to the point where the resident becomes as independent as possible, while maintaining their dignity. 

Our multi-disciplinary team – consisting of physical, occupational and speech therapists; rehabilitation nurses; and other medical professionals – work closely in tandem to remedy such issues as Paralyis / Poor Motor Control, Difficulty Comprehending or Expressing Language / Aphasia, Sensory Disturbances, Cognitive  Damage and Emotional Disruption. After conducting an assessment, our Stroke Therapy team will prepare a customized treatment plan that has sensible short- and long-term goals, plus a transition plan for eventually returning home.
Skilled Nursing

All the care you need to recover from illness or surgery:

The dedicated nurses and other health professionals at Willow Terrace are ready around the clock to make your recuperation as smooth as possible. They expertly provide Wound Care Management; Oxygen Therapy; Compression Therapy; Intravenous Therapy; Tracheostomy Care; Enteral Feeding; Medication Management and Education; Complex Medical Care; 24/7 Nursing Care; Post-Surgical Care; Restorative Nursing Care; Pain Management; Hospice Care; and Palliative Care Consults.
Patient Satisfaction
We distribute Patient Satisfaction Surveys to each resident at key points during their stay. The results are carefully reviewed by Willow Terrace management to ensure that any significant issues are promptly and properly addressed.