Stroke Therapy

At Willow Terrace, we thoroughly understand the daunting challenges that await someone who has survived a stroke. Simply stated, the individual needs to become re-educated about how to master the numerous basic skills they once had. Our rehabilitative stroke therapy program has one overriding goal – improve function to the point where the resident becomes as independent as possible, while maintaining their dignity.

Our multi-disciplinary team – consisting of physical, occupational and speech therapists; rehabilitation nurses; and other medical professionals – work closely in tandem to remedy such issues as Paralyis / Poor Motor Control, Difficulty Comprehending or Expressing Language / Aphasia, Sensory Disturbances, Cognitive  Damage and Emotional Disruption. After conducting an assessment, our Stroke Therapy team will prepare a customized treatment plan that has sensible short- and long-term goals, plus a transition plan for eventually returning home.