Long-Term Care

When an individual’s condition is serious enough to warrant Long-Term Care, our top-flight medical team does their utmost to ensure continued stability and comfort.

Willow Terrace’s skilled medical experts provide residents in need of long-term care with 24-Hour Nursing Care; Complex Medical Care; Tracheostomy Care; Intravenous Therapy; Enteral & Parental Feedings; Wound Care Management; and Pain Management.

Our team of dedicated registered nurses pays constant attention to the basic health care needs of each resident. They regularly perform assessments and observation, check vital signs, administer medication, monitor blood glucose levels, and provide a variety of medical treatments. Moreover, our nurses offer health education to residents and family members, and they liaison with Willow Terrace’s health care teams. Focusing on a wide range of potential health concerns that can affect a person receiving long-term care, we offer our residents Hospice / Palliative Care; Physician, Cardiac & Podiatry Services; Physiatry Services; and Psychiatry & Psychology Services. Each of these services is delivered in a manner that takes into account the entire well-being of the individual resident.